Squash the Cat with Leg Paralysis Defies Physics For a Treat


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Cats like Squash are inspirational, with a zest for life that sometimes defies all belief. The orange tabby is part of the “Dangle Gang,” a trio of foster kittens Eggbert, Smokey and Squash, who live in an south Maryland-area foster home. Dangle is the newest member, arriving in June of last year as a tiny orange kitten with “dangles” for rear legs.

“Smokey sleeping thru The Dangle Gang meeting”

From the beginning, the kitten didn’t let his dangling rear legs slow him down. And Eggbert immediately took him under his wing/dangles.

“This boy doesn’t let his dangle back legs slow him down at all.”

Squash and The Dangle Gang

The Dangle Gang all move differently and wear diapers due to hind-end paralysis. But here, they get all the care they need to live happily, and they sure do! Eggbert sometimes goes in a spin in his custom cart, but he still enjoys wrestling with his dangle buddies.

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“Different is Perfect. The Dangle Gang all have their own ways to move around and although they are all different, and not considered ‘normal’ I love them just the way they are❤️,” their foster mom, Brenda, says.

Squash is always full of energy, rarely napping. He seems to have 2 speeds, “full-on crack or comatose,” she When he does take a moment to rest, he loves his monster bed.

“Little Monster on his Monster bed.”

Squash and Eggbert also love their humorously named “condom beds” that are cozy and wrap snuggly around their bodies. (Perfect for making biscuits too!) Eggy says it’s his 

Squash Defies Physics When He Hears the Snack Jar

A viral video shows how fast Squash can be when he hears the snack jar shaking. He seems to defy physics blazing down the hallway passed two siblings to get in front of the treats. See for yourself below: He gallops down the hall somehow!

“Squash defies laws of physics with how fast he runs with 2 legs.”

The video of Squash  reaching over a million shares. For his foster mom, it’s a little revenge to all the haters who say, “Why didn’t you put him to sleep?” Whatever they say, everyone loves seeing the Dangle Gang live out happy lives where they are loved. And these cats are so happy and have adapted in remarkable ways.

WWE Wrestling Matches

Squash and foster brother Chamomile seem to “share two brain cells” and are constantly having WWE wrestling matches on the floor. But Squash gets up to plenty of fun on his own, scooting along and playing all day.

The Dangle Gang sometimes goes on road trips with Brenda and takes day-trip adventures. They live a full life and are “perfectly imperfect.” To learn more, you can follow along  and the  which helps special needs cats like these avoid euthanasia in shelters. There’s never a dull moment in this foster home, and lots of joy and funny moments.

“Sunday Funday with Squash and his 2 brain cells.”