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“Not every hiss is a bad hiss,” rescuer   explains. Sometimes, it’s a hiss that conveys nervousness and fear, but that’s to be expected in a shelter environment.

Cats are understandably scared when they find themselves in a small shelter kennel. Even cats that have lived their whole lives as house cats will withdraw and be on high alert. It’s the same at the vet’s office. Unfortunately, people looking to adopt a cat can pass them by if they hiss, thinking they aren’t friendly. In reality, they just need a chance and some time to know you will not hurt them.

So, while a hiss is a cat’s way of saying “no,” the a hiss from a shelter cat doesn’t necessarily represent how they generally behave. In other words, don’t judge a shelter cat by a hiss.

‘Not Every Hiss is a Bad Hiss’

Offering a lesson in socialization, Nathan opens the kennel where Evy, a cute orange tabby girl, withdraws. Seeing his hand approach, she hisses, but it doesn’t deter him.

“Hissing means they’re scared but it doesn’t always mean they’re mean. They’re just nervous, you’ve got to take it slow,” he explains.

After discovering Nathan wants to offer her affection, Evy melts into a purring puddle in just seconds. 

“There it is. There we go. See, you’re a sweetheart. Not every hiss is a bad hiss, guys,” he says.

It’s something to remember if you’re considering adopting a cat. Most cats in a shelter environment will initially react like Evy but just want to be loved.

Evy Was ‘All Hiss and No Bite’

In a follow-up, Nathan shared more about Evy.

“To be honest, Evy was all hiss and no bite. The moment you would slowly go in for a pet, she would just melt her sweet face 😍 right into your palm for more ear scratches and love!”

Following his posts on Instagram, the ginger kitty caught the attention of ginger-haired comedian, actor, and author Sarah Colonna, who adopted the kitty through the  after initially expecting to foster her, the so-called “foster fail.” She and her ginger-haired husband Jon fell in love with the kitten!

Colonna encourages everytone to try fostering kitties.

“We love her so,” Colonna said. “Thank you so much and everyone who is able to open their homes – it’s so worth it.”

Ginger Paradise

Now, Evy is living her best life with another ginger kitty, Ralphie, in ginger paradise. We’re pretty sure his name must have been inspired by the Christmas Story movie, given the family’s holiday greeting. 

“Not only was Evy adopted into an amazing loving home, but she also has a new furry sibling who looks just like her – two gorgeous orange 🧡 creamsicles! Really cute, we must admit! 🐱” Kehn shared.

Video via Facebook/

Evy Becomes Cindy Lou

Colonna shared a video of Evy, who is now Cindy Lou, playing in her beautiful home with Ralphie. Another Christmas movie-inspired name, purrhaps? These two are going to have the best life, and in large part, because Nathan knew not every hiss is a bad hiss.

Rescuers know a cat’s behavior in the confines of a shelter kennel doesn’t reflect their true purrsonality. The  is great because cats aren’t usually confined and have an environment where they can feel more comfortable interacting with people. There are even that help cats feel more comfortable while boarding them. But the cat whose hiss might have deterred potential adopters gets to live in style furever more.