5 Tips for Bonding with Your Cat with Blink & Carmelita

Blink and Carmelita smoothly transitioned from being farm cats in rural Pennsylvania to becoming city cats when they relocated to their new home in Brooklyn with their loving human parents, Emily and Jillian. The process of moving with cats can be stressful for both the animals and their caretakers. However, Emily and Jillian made it a top priority to assist their fur babies in adapting to their new environment and enhancing their bond through quality time together. These activities not only helped the cats feel more at ease in their new surroundings but also fostered stronger connections with their humans. Whether you are introducing your kitty to a new home or simply seeking ways to strengthen your feline-human relationship, continue reading for the five tried and true strategies employed by Jillian and Emily.

Similar to cats, Emily and Jillian share a profound love for sleep and often find solace in snuggling with their beloved furballs on the couch.

While cats may not be keen swimmers, many of them have a peculiar habit of seeking out sinks or bathtubs for a refreshing drink from the faucet. This behavior likely stems from their natural instincts, as cats in the wild tend to be cautious of standing water due to potential predators or parasites. If your cat displays curiosity towards the bathtub or sink, consider turning the faucet on to a gentle drizzle and observe if they eagerly lap up the water.

Each cat has unique preferences when it comes to being petted. For instance, Carm enjoys the pleasure of a satisfying butt scratch, whereas Blink delights in rubbing his head affectionately against his humans' hands. Discovering the type of petting that resonates best with your cat is essential in providing them with the utmost satisfaction.

Treating your cat to delectable snacks is an effortless yet effective way to express your love for them. Though some may view it as bribery, the power of treats in strengthening the feline-human bond is undeniable.

Blink and Carm adore flaunting their tie-dye bandanas wherever they go. Whether they are lounging under the sun or engaging in playful activities with their favorite toys, these bandanas provide them with a sense of confidence and coziness.

By implementing these bonding tactics, Jillian and Emily have successfully cultivated a profound connection with their furry companions. Moving forward, they continue to shower Blink and Carm with love, ensuring their happiness and well-being in their new urban dwelling.

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