Desolate and Despised: The Heartrending Ordeal of an Overweight Stray, Powerless in Isolation

The article tells the story of Bolinha, a dog who fell victim to an unhealthy diet and became morbidly obese. Ignored and mocked by people, she sought refuge in a junkyard. Fortunately, a group of compassionate animal activists found her and took her in. With love, care, a new diet, and regular exercise, Bolinha has already lost 15 kilos since her rescue. The goal is to help her shed another 15 kilos so she can reach her desired weight. Bolinha's transformation is remarkable, and she will soon be adopted by one of her rescuers, ensuring she spends her golden years in a loving home. This story serves as a reminder for humans to be attentive to the nutrition and well-being of their pets.

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