Truth Behind Photo of Horse Apparently Coming to the Rescue of Drowning Blind Dog!

A horse named Brenda Lee and a dog named Lucy are the best of friends who were captured in a photo by an equine photographer, Jodie Sinclair, while they were swimming at the beach. In the photo, Lucy is seen on Brenda Lee's back as they swam in the water. The story of Agripin rescuing a blind puppy from the Danube River is not true and was spread through social media.

Brenda Lee and Lucy are American natives, and their father is Brian Sean Reid of Horses Know the Way Home. Lucy is known as an independent, courageous, and tireless tiny being. Horses Know the Way Home finds the made-up story amusing and jokes about how many lives Brenda Lee and Lucy could save together if they worked together. The two friends schedule meetings, and there is a video of Brenda Lee riding Lucy around the fence in front of Tufts University.