Eddie Redmayne's Gushing Praise for Julia Roberts Catch His Wife's Surprise | E! News

Eddie Redmayne, the British actor known for his roles in movies like "The Theory of Everything" and "Fantastic Beasts," recently expressed his admiration for Julia Roberts in front of his wife, Hannah Bagshawe. During an appearance on a talk show, Redmayne couldn't help but gush about Roberts and her phenomenal talent.

The actor, who was promoting his latest film, "The Aeronauts," was asked about the actors and actresses he had worked with throughout his career. Redmayne took this opportunity to share his thoughts on working with Julia Roberts back in 2010.

He described working with Roberts as an unforgettable experience and praised her for being a sensational actress. Redmayne admitted that he was in awe of her talent and felt privileged to have shared the screen with her in the romantic comedy "Valentine's Day."

However, the adorable moment came when Redmayne turned to his wife, who was sitting in the audience, and apologized for gushing over another woman. Bagshawe, who was all smiles, playfully shrugged off his comments, showing no signs of discomfort.

Redmayne continued to talk about his admiration for Roberts, stating that she is not only a fantastic actress but also an incredibly kind and warm person. He recalled how Roberts would go out of her way to make everyone she worked with feel comfortable and welcomed.

The actor's affectionate remarks towards Roberts highlight the admiration and respect he has for his co-stars. This incident also showcases the strong bond between Redmayne and Bagshawe, as she playfully supported her husband's admiration for another woman.

Eddie Redmayne is known for his down-to-earth and humble demeanor, and this incident is true to his character. His genuine admiration for Roberts merely demonstrates his love and appreciation for the craft of acting.

Overall, this incident serves as a heartwarming reminder that even celebrities can be starstruck by their fellow actors and actresses. It also emphasizes the importance of a strong and supportive relationship, as Bagshawe's playful response showcased her love and understanding for her husband's passion for his work.

In conclusion, Eddie Redmayne recently expressed his admiration for Julia Roberts, calling her a sensational actress and a kind person. His comments were made in front of his wife, Hannah Bagshawe, who playfully supported him, highlighting the couple's strong bond. This incident demonstrates Redmayne's humility and love for acting, reminding us that even celebrities can be in awe of their fellow actors.

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