Woman Given Maximum Sentence for Nearly Starving Dog to Death

Bogey, a pit bull who was severely starved by his owner, has finally received justice. Ashley Roderick, the owner, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor animal cruelty and received the maximum sentence allowed. When Bogey was rescued by Lucas County Pit Crew, he weighed only 18 pounds and was unable to stand. He was basically a skeleton and in critical condition. The staff was unsure if he would survive, but they did not give up on him. In addition to being malnourished, he had a ruptured right eye that needed to be removed, but he was too weak for surgery. However, he slowly regained his strength and months later received the necessary eye surgery.

After his rescue, Bogey went to a foster home where he received around-the-clock care and made a full recovery, both mentally and physically. Despite all the pain he endured, he remained a happy dog. His playful personality started to shine through, while his "crew" waited for the trial of his neglectful owner. The trial was delayed multiple times, causing anxiety among those seeking justice for Bogey. However, they remained committed and supportive.

Finally, after more than a year, the trial date was set. Roderick appeared in court and pleaded guilty. The judge, Lindsay Navarre, criticized Roderick for her neglect and stated that Bogey would have been better off on the streets than in her care. Roderick was charged with animal cruelty and sentenced to a minimum of 180 days at a corrections center. She was also ordered to pay for all of Bogey's medical bills, totaling $3494.

While some may have wished for a more severe penalty, justice was ultimately served for Bogey. He is now a happy and healthy dog living with a loving family. The Lucas County Pit Crew expressed their hope that everyone could live like Bogey and move on with life, which, they believe, would make everyone happier.

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