The Hilarious Reason Why Katy Perry Won't Invite Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan to Her Wedding

It appears that Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan won't be attending Katy Perry's wedding. During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the "Firework" singer explained why she hadn't invited her American Idol co-stars to her upcoming nuptials with Orlando Bloom. When asked if she had extended an invitation to Richie and Bryan, Katy jokingly replied, "I can't afford them." She then clarified that they have a lot of work to do while she focuses on getting married again, referring to her previous marriage to Russell Brand. Luke picked up on the fact that they weren't invited and mentioned that he and Lionel had been dropping hints.

Katy playfully responded that they were on the B-list, and Jimmy jokingly advised them not to save the date. Continuing the conversation about her wedding, Katy shared some details about the planning process. She described herself as a "bridechilla" and explained that she takes wedding planning seriously. She even booked the venue just a few days after getting engaged on February 14th. Last year, Katy and Orlando announced their engagement on Instagram with a photo showcasing Katy's unique ruby-diamond floral ring.

They initially planned to get married at the end of 2019 but decided to postpone the wedding due to scheduling conflicts. A source revealed to E! News that Katy has specific ideas for the location and overall ambiance of the wedding, which has resulted in multiple date changes. However, they are eager to finalize everything soon and are excited about their upcoming marriage.

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