Frail Elderly Stray Cat Needs Your Help — Catcuddles London Cat Sanctuary

We are currently in a tough spot at CatCuddles.

Launching a vet clinic with the aim of providing low-cost treatment to cats was always an ambitious project, one that would require considerable investment. Due to the pandemic however, the financial challenges involved have been exacerbated tenfold. We have been treating a number of stray and unwanted cats with complex and costly conditions at the clinic, all the while our regular sources of donations have been in sharp decline. Adoptions are slow, fundraising events are cancelled, and frankly, we are struggling.

Now we are faced with a cat in dire need of help just ten minutes from our South East London base, but we cannot offer that help until we have first secured the funds for her vet care.

This girl appeared on the doorstep of one of the charity's regular supporters a few days ago, sheltering from the recent bout of heavy rain, and hasn't left since. She appears to be elderly and quite thin but is too wary of the supporter's own cats to come inside the house. Her picture has been shared extensively on social media and enquiries have been made in the local area but thus far, no-one has come forward as her owner. If you have any further information about her origins, please get in touch.

In addition to our current delicate financial situation, we are also at capacity in terms of space. We should simply say no to this case, but our consciences dictate that that isn't an option. This is why we are opting to fundraise to cover the cost of her care, so that we have at least removed one barrier to getting her help and can then focus on securing an emergency foster space among our team ASAP. The wheels are already in motion to find such a space.

We need to raise a minimum of £250 to cover the first 90 days of her stay at CatCuddles, in addition to a blood test, any subsequent treatment needed based on the results of those tests, flea and worming treatments, and vaccinations and microchipping should no owner be found.

Please consider donating via PayPal to help us get this skinny girl out of the rain and into the warmth and safety of a foster home at If you can't donate, please share. We hope that with your help, we will have a happy update on her soon.

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