Fundraiser Update: Roselea & Valentina — Catcuddles London Cat Sanctuary

Valentina will never have to go through what her mum did; fending for herself and her kittens in all weathers, and hoping for the kindness of good samaritans and that they could keep safe from all manner of dangers let alone increase her chances of certain illnesses remaining unneutered.

Whilst we continue to work a little more with Rodolfo and little Tolkien on their socialisation, we are pleased to share that Roselea and Valentina were adopted last week.

In the words of her foster carers, beautiful Roselea is a “delightful cat; friendly and purring from the outset”. Having been so used to making the most of food when she could find it, Roselea’s appetite was so great she’d grab food from the kittens' plates. Quite the character, she enjoys chattering at the pigeons through the window.

Valentina was already approaching 4 months of age and was not used to regular human interaction. With patience and confidence from volunteers she has shown us that underneath the bravado there is a purring cat inside there. Valentina’s adopters have continued the work we started and are making fantastic progress, which is key when adopting a shy kitten. Active hands on ‘compulsory cuddles’ are key. This involves collecting the kitten, putting on your lap with or without a towel or blanket and giving lots of calm cuddles within the first 24 hours. Without this the kitten is more likely to hide or be out of reach. As a result of this, Valentina is becoming relaxed and it won’t be long before the blankets are a thing of the past. She’s still not sure of strokes but will happily snooze and supervise proceedings, we could not be more pleased for her 😻

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