Formerly Feral Special Needs Kitten With Short Legs Is Tall On Personality

A feral kitten named Mouse with a congenital deformity in his front legs found a loving forever home with Curtis and Lana. Despite not actively looking for a kitten, the couple instantly fell in love with Mouse, who they renamed Outlaw Baby Smalls or Smalls for short. Smalls, who hardly acts like he has a disability, quickly became the king of his new home.

Curtis and Lana first heard about Smalls from one of Lana's friends who volunteered at the Best Friends Animal Shelter. The friend was a foster mom for Smalls and constantly spoke about how perfect Curtis and Lana would be as parents for a kitten with special needs.

Upon meeting Smalls, the couple was smitten and knew he was meant to be a part of their family.

Despite his disability, Smalls is a brave and adventurous cat who loves being a house cat. He enjoys playing and exploring, and his favorite toys include plastic rings from milk bottles and feather toys on poles. When it comes time to rest, Smalls finds comfort in the morning sun streaming in on the top stair or on a chair in the upstairs study. He loves being a part of the family's daily activities, watching TV with them, playing, and sleeping next to Lana at night.

While Smalls may have tiny legs, he certainly doesn't let that hold him back.

Curtis once found him on top of the kitchen counter, with his nose in a pot of polenta. When questioned about how he got up there, Smalls showed off his agility by leaping and trampolining across furniture to reach the counter. He walked around the kitchen, seemingly proud of his accomplishment, and looked Curtis in the face as if to say, "There, Dad, that's how I did it!"

Thanks to the Best Friends Animal Society's Salt Lake City Kitten Nursery and the love and care from Curtis and Lana, Smalls has a bright future ahead. However, there are still many other kittens in need of homes and love. People can help kittens like Smalls by donating to the Best Friends Kitten Nursery.

The heartwarming story of Smalls proves that love knows no bounds. Despite his disability, Smalls has found a family who adores him and sees him for the amazing cat that he is. His story serves as a reminder of the resilience and strength that animals possess, and how they can thrive when given the opportunity and care they deserve. Smalls may have small legs, but he has a big personality and an even bigger heart.

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