Transformation Tales: Journeying from Feral to Finding a Forever Home

A couple shared their heartwarming rescue story of how they found and saved a black kitten from a feral cat population. The couple had previously lost their black cat, Inky, to kidney disease and decided they wanted another black cat as they believed they bring good luck.

During a trip to the wife's hometown to settle her mother's estate, they stayed at a bed and breakfast where the owner was trying to feed a large population of feral cats that had taken up residence under an old carriage house. The owner also had two large and aggressive boxers that were trying to reduce the cat population.

While discussing the cat problem with the owner, the couple noticed a tiny black kitten lying quietly, injured and not moving around. The owner mentioned that the dogs had attacked it that morning and had no intention of getting treatment for the kitten. Instead of putting it down, the couple decided to take matters into their own hands and held the kitten close to their chests.

Since it was Sunday, they had to wait until the next day to take the kitten to a local veterinarian. The veterinarian agreed to do surgery as soon as possible to assess the extent of the injuries. Fortunately, there were no internal injuries, and the abdomen was intact. The large wound was stitched up, and the kitten was ready to go home with the couple, who named her Jinxy.

Three years later, Jinxy is now a beautiful and healthy cat and has become part of the family. She went from being a scruffy injured kitten with ringworm to a princess. The couple's love for black cats and their compassionate nature led them to save Jinxy and give her a loving home.

In another rescue story, a veterinary hospital employee saved a weak and anemic kitten named Jazz. The kitten had over 100 fleas on her and needed a blood transfusion. The employee adopted her and bottle-fed her every four hours, medicated her, and provided the care she needed. Jazz thrived and grew up with a pittie mix who thought she was his baby. Jazz lived a happy life for 14 years before succumbing to renal cancer.

Lastly, a woman named Linda encountered a thin and hungry cat that had been chased away by a dog. She started leaving food for the cat, whom she named Porch Cat (PC). PC eventually started coming into the house and became a permanent fixture. Three years later, PC is a loving cat who prefers to stay indoors during the winter months.

These heartwarming rescue stories showcase the important role that compassion and love play in saving animals and giving them a second chance at life.

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