Every Day Bonded Cats Wait At the Shelter Window Hoping To Be Adopted Together

Xeno and Ripley, two inseparable sister cats, are currently raising their eight kittens together at the Exploits Valley SPCA. Rescued in late September, these young moms were under a year old and weighed only around 4 pounds. They now reside in a spacious room with toys and cozy bedding, providing comfort for the entire family. Xeno and Ripley share parenting duties, with all eight kittens nursing from either mom at any given time. They are so intertwined that it's impossible to distinguish which kitten belongs to which mother. When not caring for their rambunctious babies, the moms can be found side by side at the window, eagerly waiting for potential adopters. While a couple of the kittens have families waiting to adopt them, neither mother has received a single application. The shelter hopes to find a loving family for Xeno and Ripley who will welcome them and their kittens into their hearts and homes. Everyone at the shelter can see the lifelong bond between these cats and is eager to offer them a future home filled with love and cuddles. 

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