Cuddly Big Maine coon Kitty Grows Up Hugging His Human Every Chance He Gets

This sweet big kitty found his human when he was six months old. Ever since they met, he has been cuddling with her every chance he gets.

Meet Tihon!

Tihon the lovable Maine Coon adores people especially his human mom.

"He likes to sit in my arms all the time. He doesn't like to be alone, and always follows me wherever I go, even the bathroom," Tihon's human mom told us.

Though at just six months, he was already larger than a regular adult house cat. He is a gentle giant with a soft heart.

"He is very quiet. In Russian 'Tiho' is quiet, hence his name. He purrs quietly and lovingly. His mission is always to be near me," she told Love Meow.

The affectionate fluffy boy offers a cuddle whenever there is a chance.

He has a pair of odd eyes, one blue and one hazel.

The handsome boy likes to be held and carried around the house, so his humans have started documenting his growth through his cuddles.

Though he is a big kitty, he lets their other cat take the throne and be the boss.

All he wants is to give love and cuddles all day long.

He waits by the door to greet his humans when they get home from work.

As soon as the door is open, he leaps into their arms and showers them with love and kisses.

Falling asleep in his mom's arms.

He is a very strong boy but always gentle with others.

Now at one year old, Tihon still has a lot of growing to do.

Maine Coon cats typically grow until they reach 3 - 5 years of age.

As he gets bigger, his affection grows too.

Tihon the gentle giant!

He has a heart as big as his majestic physique.

Every time his human tries to work on her computer...

He may just be a little human trapped in a cat's body.

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