Heartbroken Friendship! Dog Refuses To Be Separated From His Elephant Friend In His Last Hours Of Life!

Friendships can develop among any species in the animal kingdom, regardless of size or color. However certain species do not get along because of the structure of the food chain.A very sweet dog, Pancake. Three years prior, he was transported to an elephant sanctuary after being rescued from the streets.

When Pancake was discovered, Katherine Connor, the founder and CEO of BLES, welcomed her and led her to the refuge. Despite not even faintly resembling an elephant, she has actually adjusted extremely well in this situation, and of course, she is aware of everything.

When Pancake discovered that something wasn't right and that Boon Thong was indeed experiencing health issues, she stayed by his side. Katherine and Pancake finally decided to take on the responsibility of being her companions during her final days since she merely maintained her company and nothing could compel her to leave her alone. Pancake and Katherine stayed by Boon Thong's side for nine hours on his final day.