Julia Roberts Sets the Record Straight on Diet, Fashion, and Her Oscar Journey | PEN | People

In a recent interview with People, Julia Roberts addresses rumors, discusses her diet, and talks about her favorite style and the Oscars. The popular actress clarifies speculations surrounding her personal life and reveals interesting insights.

Roberts acknowledges that she is aware of the rumors that often circulate about her, but she simply chooses to ignore them. She emphasizes that she loves her life and the people she shares it with, and believes that as long as she knows the truth, that's all that matters. The A-list star prefers to focus on her work and keep her personal life private.

Regarding her diet, Roberts reveals that she follows a mostly plant-based eating plan. While she describes herself as a "flexitarian," meaning she occasionally incorporates other foods into her diet, she mostly sticks to plant-based options. The actress believes in the power of eating well and taking care of her body, and she attributes her radiant appearance to a healthy lifestyle.

When it comes to her favorite style, Roberts admits that she tends to be drawn to comfort rather than trends. She appreciates simple, classic pieces that make her feel good. However, she acknowledges that fashion should be fun and playful, and she enjoys experimenting with different looks on occasion. Ultimately, she prioritizes feeling comfortable and confident in what she wears, rather than following strict fashion rules.

As an Academy Award-winning actress, Roberts is no stranger to the Oscars. When asked about her experience with the prestigious awards show, she describes them as a thrilling and nerve-wracking experience. While winning an Oscar is undoubtedly a significant achievement, she believes that the true value lies in the friendships and connections formed within the industry. For Roberts, the Oscars represent a celebration of the shared passion and dedication of everyone in the film industry.

In conclusion, Julia Roberts sets the record straight by addressing rumors, discussing her diet, and sharing insights into her favorite style and the Oscars. She emphasizes the importance of focusing on her own truth and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While she appreciates fashion, she prioritizes comfort and confidence over following trends. Through her experiences with the Oscars, Roberts values the relationships and camaraderie within the film industry. Overall, the actress presents a grounded and positive outlook on her life and career.

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