These 15 Steps Will Teach You How To Be As Confident As A Dachshunds

Longing for the self-assured swagger of a Dachshunds ? Look no further than this comprehensive guide.

1. First off, learn how to use approachable body language.

Eventually you'll be able to say, "Hey there. I'm a cute and friendly, Dachshunds ," without saying anything at all. Straight-up-confidence.

2. Make eye contact with people.

Hold onto their gaze. Never let go. Watch them turn away uncomfortably. You're so confident.

3. Take time out of your day for personal hygiene.

4. Draw attention to your unique physical traits.

Show off that bread-loaf-butt, or whatever your equivalent is. It was meant to be shared with the world.

5. Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

6. But also, dress to make YOU feel comfortable, attractive, and confident.

7. Shoot for the stars, even if you miss a couple of times during the journey.

8-Ignore what others think of you.

You've got this. You don't need Karen or Brian's approval. You're so dang confident.

9. If a goal seems unobtainable, keep trying.


10. Take time to make a list of your accomplishments.

When you're feeling uncharacteristically insecure, read your list with a pint of ice-cream to remind yourself how flippin' great you are.

11. But don't just use those reminders for moments of insecurity. Carve out time every day to remind yourself that you are amazing.

Ruminate on your awesomeness. Sploot for optimal self-reflection.


12. Ditch the friends who bring you down, but keep the friends who support you around.

13. In fact, make friends who share similar interests!


14. Make sure your friends know how much you appreciate them.

15. Most important of all, make the choice to believe in yourself. You're like, the cutest dang thing to grace this planet, so, get confident!

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