Terrified Shelter Chihuahuas Transform After Touching Grass For The First Time

True & Faithful Pet Rescue Mission faced a significant challenge when they received a call about 12 senior Chihuahuas in need of help. These dogs, all from the same hoarding case, had never experienced a normal life and were fearful and uncertain when they arrived at the rescue.

Lisa Letson, the founder and president of True & Faithful Pet Rescue Mission, described how the dogs huddled together in the van during their transport. It was evident that they had not been socialized or handled before. They were frightened and uncomfortable when picked up, freezing with their legs locked up and eyes bulging.

The rescue staff and volunteers placed the dogs outside, and their paws touched grass for the very first time. At first, the dogs remained frozen, seeking comfort on rocks and hesitant to move. However, after about 30 minutes, they gradually migrated to the grass. Once they did, something remarkable happened—the dogs started running around together, exploring every inch of the grass. Their tails wagged, and smiles appeared on their faces as they pranced and hopped joyfully.

Running through the grass was an entirely new experience for these Chihuahuas. It seemed to transform them, allowing them to express the excitement of being carefree puppies. The rescuers couldn't help but be moved by this heartwarming sight.

After their playful romp, the dogs received baths, ear cleanings, nail trimmings, and minor medical treatments to help with skin irritation. These procedures took approximately three hours. They were then settled into their designated area with comfortable beds, blankets, and even a TV to create a sense of safety and familiarity. Although still scared due to the new environment, it was clear that the dogs had already relaxed more than ever before in their lives.

The Chihuahuas have been under the care of the rescue for about a month and are making incredible progress. Once they have fully healed and are ready, they will be available for adoption. In the meantime, they continue to enjoy running through the grass and experiencing the freedom they never had before.

If you wish to support the care of these Chihuahuas, you can donate to True & Faithful Pet Rescue Mission. Your contribution will help ensure their well-being and prepare them for their future forever homes.

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