Meet Zigby & Quokka: Adorable 4.5 Week Old Kittens Under My Fostersitting Care with @apabottlebabies

Meet kittens Zigby and Quokka! These adorable 4.5-week-old foster kittens are currently being cared for by @apabottlebabies. Zigby, the small black girl, has faint tabby stripes and resembles a baby fruit bat. Quokka, the chonky tuxedo boy, is round and resembles his namesake, the cat-sized marsupial known for being super cute. These two may not be from the same litter, but they love to wrestle, play, and snuggle together.

Zigby is a great eater and has been consuming four syringes full of gruel per day. Her round belly is evidence of her healthy appetite. On the other hand, Quokka has had no appetite problems and has easily transitioned to eating gruel from a dish. He is impressively tidy and grooms himself immediately after eating.

The journey for these kittens has had its ups and downs. Zigby initially had little appetite and had to be syringe fed. However, she quickly learned to drink from the syringe like a bottle and even held onto it with both paws. Quokka, on the other hand, struggled with plate-feeding initially but has made progress. Both kittens have been doing well with their feedings, drinking from their own dishes.

One challenge they still face is with their bowel movements. Their caretaker is working on resolving this issue.

In addition to feeding, the kittens need to be weighed to ensure they are eating enough. They are weighed before and after each feeding, emphasizing the importance of monitoring their growth.

The caretaker has been introducing the kittens to drinking water. Kittens don't naturally know to drink water as they get most of their fluids from milk and wet food sources. They have been slowly adjusting to the water dish, sticking their faces and occasionally their paws in.

Zigby is a special little kitten who loves cuddles, face massages, and being told she's a good girl. She has made progress in her eating habits and has gained weight since being under the caretaker's care.

The kittens have also been caught in cute moments, such as when they are wrapped up together like a purrito.

Overall, these kittens are thriving and making great progress. Their caretaker is proud of their development and will continue to provide them with the care and love they need.

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