Gina the Tuxie's Unhinged Antics n the 'Thunder Donut'

Gina, the Tuxedo kitty from Ontario. She enjoys practicing Parkour, chattering, and giving the ol 'skippity pap'. In other words, she's a playful kitten who bounces off the walls and swats things rapidly with her little paws. Gina is a great example that tuxies (short for tuxedo cats) are often full of sass and want to be the life of the party.

According to fosterer Kim, "tuxedos are definitely unhinged," and there's never a dull moment with Gina around. After introducing wool cat caves, Gina became known for her 'donut drama'. She spins round and round in the bottom donut half or battles for control of the full cave. Jugg and Zig Zag, Gina's siblings, also love these wool cat caves. Gina's daily silly antics keep everyone amused, but her older siblings can't quite keep up with her high-energy behavior.

Foster mom Kim believes that most of the donut drama is because Gina is just too playful for the boys. While they are becoming grumpy old men, Gina just wants to party. When her brothers are nearby the cave, Gina's donut becomes the "Thunder Donut" and the scene of dramatic scuffling (but harmless) between the cats. Even though they have their own donuts to play in, they always seem to fight over the same one. When her brothers aren't around, Gina has a blast spinning herself endlessly around the donut.

Her fans on social media love watching her give whatever moves by plenty of skpity paps (swats) while inside her cat cave. 'Skippity paps' became an internet sensation thanks to comedian Tony Baker's hilarious voiceovers of cats quickly smacking things with their paws. All of Gina's wild and silly tuxie antics help brighten the day, especially after the loss of her brother Darryl to cancer. As wacky as cats can be, their antics bring us much-needed joy every day. "After months of patiently waiting, Gina finally delivered when I needed her skippity paps the most!" shared foster mom Kim.

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