18-year-old Senior Cat and Her German Shepard Friend Both Dumped at Shelter For Being "Too Old."

Say hello to Alexi, a senior cat who doesn't have much time left at the shelter. She was surrendered by her owner, leaving her desperately in need of a loving home. Alongside Alexi, there is Sheba, a nine-year-old German Shepherd who also found herself in the same unfortunate situation. Both of these beautiful animals were unceremoniously dumped at the City of Long Beach Animal Care Services because their heartless owners claimed they were "too old."

Alexi is a quiet and gentle soul who absolutely adores being petted. All she yearns for is a soft, sunny spot to rest and get her much-needed beauty sleep. If she could talk, she would lovingly tell you, "I may be quiet, but I crave your tender touch. I will nuzzle my fragile body into your hands, relishing every gentle stroke. If you provide me with a loving home, I promise to be there with bells on. Please, I beg you, give me a place to spend my remaining days. They call me a Rag Doll, but I simply call myself Love. You can find me under the identification A500795 at City of Long Beach Animal Care Services."

And then there's Sheba, the kind-hearted German Shepherd. Although her age is estimated to be between nine and 14 years old, Sheba is known for her sweet nature and non-reactive temperament. She has peacefully coexisted with both dogs and cats, has enjoyed lounging around in the yard, relishing baths, and even being thoroughly brushed out. Sheba has managed to capture the hearts of the medical team, who consider her a true favorite. Sadly, there isn't a long line of people waiting to adopt a senior dog like Sheba. However, both Sheba and Alexi are worth far more than the heartless owners who abandoned them.

It is crucial that we spread the word about their plight. Please share their story with approved rescue organizations, your family, friends, and even your social media contacts. Remember, sharing their story can truly save lives.

The sad reality is that many senior animals face a bleak future. They are often overlooked in favor of younger, more energetic pets. However, senior animals have so much love to give and deserve a chance to live out their remaining days in a loving home. Alexi and Sheba are prime examples of such deserving animals who just need someone to open their hearts and homes to them. Their previous owners may have dismissed them as "too old," but we know better. Age is just a number, and these animals have so much love and joy left to offer.

If you are considering adding a pet to your family, please consider adopting a senior animal like Alexi or Sheba. Not only will you be giving them a second chance at happiness, but you will also experience the unparalleled love and gratitude that only a rescued animal can provide. Reach out to the City of Long Beach Animal Care Services or get in touch with approved rescue organizations to inquire about adopting these deserving animals.

Remember, sharing their story is the first step towards finding them a loving home. Let's do everything we can to ensure that these beautiful seniors enjoy their golden years with the love and care they deserve. Together, we can make a difference and demonstrate that age should never be a barrier to finding a forever home.

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