Puppy Left In Woods With All His Belongings Waits For Someone To Notice Him!

An 8-month-old puppy named Hank was found alone in the woods by a kind-hearted stranger. Instead of playing and running around, Hank sat still on a dog bed surrounded by his belongings. He seemed desperate for help. The stranger called an animal shelter, which quickly rescued Hank. To their surprise, Hank was gentle and loving, despite his desperate situation. It was discovered that he had a broken leg that had been untreated for over two weeks, causing him great pain.

The shelter reached out to Humans and Animals United for assistance. Hank is currently receiving medical treatment and will soon undergo surgery. Adoption requests have flooded in, but Hank still has some recovery to go through. Thanks to the shelter and the people who found him, Hank is safe and will never be hurt again.

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