So Cute!Damita Jo the Cat Shows How Much His Rescued Cats Miss Us

Damita Jo, the cat, wants to shoulder surf when her cat dad returns home from frequent trips to help other cats around the country.

Who says cats aren’t happy to see us when we come home? While they might not respond with a wiggling, tail-wagging frenzy like a dog, they show us in many other feline ways. 

For example, after rescuer Sterling ‘TrapKing’ Davis took a trip to Atlanta for a showing of the new “Cat Daddies” movie, he returned home   One of them is a beauty, inspired by Janet Jackson’s middle name. The fluffy white rescued cat is Davis’s sidekick and misses him when he’s gone, to put it mildly. Lately, she also might be a little jealous of the latest rescue, a Siamese kitten named

Damita Jo ‘Shoulder Surfs’ When Dad Comes Home

When TrapKing comes home, “Damita the Diva” often responds by jumping onto his shoulder to “shoulder surf.” 

“Damita Jo getting her ‘shoulder surf’ on! 😻Haven’t seen my baby in a minute because this last trip I only took ‘Nipsey Cuddle’ with me…….this is always the first thing she wants to do!! She couldn’t stop drooling, and I couldn’t stop smiling!!! 🤣😹I think we missed each other! ❤️❤️”

Her triumphant shoulder surfing is one of her favorite ways to tell Dad she missed him. 

“Don’t mind me, I’m just shoulder surfing and listening to the G.O.A.T Janet Jackson.”

Surfing to Janet Jackson

The Daddy’s girl also proudly shoulder-surfed when he returned from a Vegas trip in September.

“I’m just ‘shoulder surfin’ on the human listening to the 🐐 Janet Jackson.❤️❤️🥰🥰😻😻 I was mad that he went to Vegas without me, but I guess I can give him a little love now that he’s been back for like a week! 😹😻🙃.”

Since Nipsey Cuddles has been getting extra attention of late, Damita and her sister, Alanis Mewisette, decided to push him out of the way to get some dad time. 

“…they pushed Nipsey out the way and came through with the sandpaper kisses, head bonks and cuddles this morning! Damita even managed to groom me and drool in my eye at the same time…..pretty impressive! 😹😹😻😻

Cats are incredibly affectionate and miss us when we’re gone, and few demonstrate it better than these two! Does your cat miss you when you’re gone? Let us know how in the comments.