Cat on Your Keyboard? What's Up With That?

Are you a cat owner who works from home or enjoys browsing through Netflix? If so, you've probably found yourself in a constant struggle for control of your computer keyboard with your feline companion. But why is it that cats seem to have such a strong affinity for keyboards?

Cats are known for their peculiar behaviors, such as staring at their owners or following them to the bathroom. However, their fascination with keyboards is definitely one of the strangest. Or is it? In reality, there are several reasons why your cat might be drawn to your keyboard.

One possible explanation is that keyboards offer a warm and comfortable spot for cats to rest. As you use your computer, the warmth it generates becomes very tempting for a quick cat nap. "Cats often feel attracted to the warmth of electronics and want to nap on a laptop. And if you hold the computer in your lap, your cat may believe (rightly!) that the lap belongs to Kitty!" says Amy Shojai, a certified animal behavior consultant.

Another reason your cat may be drawn to your keyboard is simply to seek attention. Some cats meow to get their owner's attention, while others take a more direct approach by invading personal space and blocking access to the keyboard. This behavior serves as a way for them to "push your buttons" and get what they want, whether it's attention or something else.

On the other hand, your cat's fascination with your keyboard may not always have devious intentions. It could be a way for them to simply be closer to you and ask for some affection. Studies have shown that cats have a strong bond with their owners, so being near you while you work or browse the internet might just be a way for them to feel connected.

Another explanation for your cat's keyboard obsession is their innate hunting instincts. While you may be focused on work or leisurely activities, your cat sees your narrowed eyes and concentrated posture as important behaviors to observe. The sound and sight of your fingers typing on the keys might trigger their natural hunting instincts, causing them to become curious and wanting to join in the excitement.

Keeping your cat off the keyboard is important to prevent any potential damage to your computer. While a cat on the keyboard is generally harmless to the cat, it can cause issues with the computer itself. Cat fur and dander can get stuck between the keys, requiring a thorough cleaning. Additionally, if your cat frequently sleeps on the keyboard, it can cause the computer to overheat.

To prevent your cat from interfering with your keyboard, it is essential to use positive reinforcement techniques and cues to create a bond with your cat. Encouraging alternative behaviors and providing them with other sources of entertainment can help distract them from the keyboard.

Overall, the fascination of cats with keyboards may be a combination of seeking warmth, attention, companionship, and natural hunting instincts. Understanding these reasons can help you find ways to keep your keyboard cat-free while still allowing your furry friend to spend time with you.

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