Kitten Seen Just Steps Away from Back Door but Days Later Has a Cat with Kittens to 'Show Him the Way'

In a heartwarming story of resilience and companionship, a kitten named Tater found an unlikely mother figure in a cat named Penny and her litter of kittens, thanks to the efforts of Meghan and Jillian from FosterBabyCats.

It all began when Meghan, an animal lover and advocate for community cats, stumbled upon a tiny kitten just steps away from her back door. The little feline was all alone, with no sign of his mother anywhere. Concerned for his safety, Meghan decided to bring him inside and reached out to Jillian for assistance.

At only 10 days old, Tater arrived at FosterBabyCats, his eyes barely opening. Jillian became his foster mother, feeding him with a bottle around the clock and ensuring he had a warm and cozy nest to sleep in. But despite her best efforts, Tater longed for the company of a mother and siblings.

Meanwhile, a few weeks before Tater's arrival, Jillian had taken in Penny, a neighborhood cat who was nursing a litter of kittens. Penny and her kittens had been in poor shape, living in someone's yard, until Jillian opened her home to them. With plenty of love and care, Penny began to thrive, and her kittens grew stronger.

When Penny and her kittens saw Tater, they were instantly enamored by him. Bernard, one of Penny's tabbies, took on the role of a big brother to Tater. He cuddled with the little kitten and even cleaned his face after each feeding. With the loving support of his newfound family, Tater thrived, showing off his big personality and joining in on the adventures and playtime with his siblings.

However, as Tater grew older, there was one challenge Jillian faced – getting him to give up the bottle. Tater was immensely fond of being bottle-fed and wasn't shy about expressing his opinion on the matter. With patience and encouragement, Jillian slowly introduced Tater to eating from a dish, and he started to warm up to the idea.

Despite his progress, Tater remained clingy and attached to Jillian. He saw her as his primary caregiver, crying for her, snuggling in her arms, and relying on her for his daily meals. But Jillian didn't mind; she cherished the bond they had formed.

As Tater continued to grow, he surpassed his siblings in size and showed off his feline prowess. He played and interacted appropriately with other cats, honing his social skills. His journey from a lonely kitten found by a back door to a confident and loved member of a clowder is truly inspiring.

Thanks to the dedication of Meghan and Jillian, Tater's life took a remarkable turn. He went from being a vulnerable stray to a cherished and cared-for kitten. Today, he is living every day to the fullest, surrounded by friends and experiencing the love and warmth of a family.

Tater's story reminds us of the power of compassion and the importance of providing abandoned animals with a second chance at life. Through tender care and support, they can flourish and bring immeasurable joy to those who open their hearts and homes to them.

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