Cat Spends the First Part of His Life on the Streets Until Woman Takes a Chance on Him and Helps Him Thrive

Danni, a cat who spent his early years on the streets, was in poor health when he arrived at Hearthside Cats rescue. Although presumed feral, it was clear to volunteers that Danni craved affection and attention. He was taken into foster care where his wound was treated and he received lots of love and patience. Over time, Danni's fear disappeared, and he became a serious lap cat who loved nothing more than cuddling up with his people. His wound healed, and his personality shone through. Despite being FIV+, Danni made a full recovery and is now ready for a forever home that will spoil him endlessly. Hearthside Cats hopes that everyone can experience the extraordinary love that cats like Danni are capable of giving.

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