Abandoned Dog with Broken Leg Receives Long-Awaited Assistance: Bed, Toys, and Nourishment Provided

An 8-month-old puppy named Hank miraculously survived on his own in the woods for two weeks after being abandoned by his heartless owner. The injured pup was left with his bed, toys, and a bag of dog food, but was unable to move due to the pain. Fortunately, a kind person spotted him and called for help.

When rescuers arrived, they discovered that Hank had been injured and needed immediate medical attention. However, the local shelter was unable to afford his medical costs and he was at risk of being euthanized. Luckily, Humans and Animals United, an animal rescue organization based in Florida, stepped in to save him.

Hank was taken to an animal hospital where a vet examined him and determined that he had a broken leg. It was estimated that the leg had been broken for over two weeks, during which Hank had been left abandoned in the woods. The poor pup was extremely underweight and needed to gain some weight before undergoing surgery.

Thanks to the donations from generous people and the dedicated staff at the animal hospital, Hank is finally safe and receiving the care he needs. Although he has had a difficult start to life, Hank still has a loving and friendly disposition towards people and other dogs.

The skinny puppy is scheduled to have surgery on his broken leg and will need time to recover. Once he is fully healed, Hank will be ready to find his forever home. Humans and Animals United have started accepting adoption applications for this handsome pup.

The rescue organization expressed their disbelief and sadness at the person who could heartlessly abandon Hank with a broken leg in the woods. They reassured Hank that he is now safe and will never be hurt again. Updates on Hank's progress can be found on Humans and Animals United's Facebook page.

Overall, this heartwarming story highlights the resilience and strength of animals like Hank, as well as the kindness and dedication of animal rescue organizations and the support of generous individuals.

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