Woman hears crying outside her home – discovers a stray dog keeping a newborn baby warm

As Way was walking through an alley, the dog saw a newborn baby that had been abandoned by its mother. And even though Way's puppies were her first priority, she still try to help this baby. Way's maternal instincts kicked in, and she was determined to do everything she could to keep him safe and warm. Running back to her puppies, Way picked each one up, one by one, and brought them back to place around the newborn baby. She held him tight against her warm furry body.

Alejandra Griffa lived in the area and heard tiny muffled cries coming from the parking lot of her building. She was shocked to see that next to the dog — was a newborn baby. Alejandria rushed to call the police and they rushed the baby to emergency room for immediate medical attention. The doctors determined that the baby was a bit hungry, but otherwise, fine.

Way is a true hero and she was rescued in by a local shelter. Please SHARE this with your friends and family.

Way isn't spayed and she had just given birth to a little of puppies

Way wrapped her body around them as best as she could.

Alejandria has no idea how long the baby had been there and she rushed to call the police

Watch the story of Way in this video below.