Introducing Blossom: A Tiny New Arrival at Animal Control, Weighing Just 88 Grams

A tiny kitten named Blossom, along with his brother, were recently brought into animal control when they were just one day old. Weighing only 88 grams, these fragile newborns faced a challenging start to life. However, they seem to be doing well for now. Spending hours at an animal control facility without proper care can often cause permanent damage to young kittens, so there is hope that Blossom and his brother have survived unharmed.

Tragically, Blossom's brother, named Orange, didn't make it. The caretaker, @themarigoldkittencrew, found Orange lifeless between feedings. While his passing was sudden, it was not entirely unexpected as Orange's appetite and energy had been gradually declining throughout the night. This is a common occurrence in newborn kittens with uncertain backgrounds. Despite providing Orange with fluids, antibiotics, and supplements to bolster his strength, he ultimately succumbed to his condition.

However, Blossom continues to fight. Like his brother, he received medication and supplements to address his lack of appetite. Currently, he is being tube fed every two hours as a means of nourishment. The caretaker is doing everything possible to help Blossom pull through this ordeal, and everyone is hoping for a positive outcome.

On a more hopeful note, @themarigoldkittencrew has recently acquired three additional newborn kittens whose mother had not returned for them. These little ones may potentially become companions for Blossom in the future. The caretaker can confirm that they are good eaters and incredibly adorable, but their sharp little nails certainly make their presence known. It remains to be seen how their relationship with Blossom will develop, but for now, they bring some joy to the difficult situation.

The loss of Orange serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by abandoned or orphaned kittens. Their fragile state and uncertain backgrounds often make it difficult for them to thrive without proper care and attention. However, dedicated caretakers like @themarigoldkittencrew do their best to provide these little ones with the necessary support and love they need to survive and grow.

As Blossom continues his fight for survival, the caretaker remains hopeful and determined to give him the best possible chance. The journey ahead may be uncertain, but the caretaker is committed to pulling out all the stops for this brave little kitten. Rest in Peace, Orange, and may Blossom find strength and healing in the days to come.

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