Chihuahua Asserts Dominance with Imposing Rules for Humans to Follow or Risk Retribution

Chihuahuas demand obedience from their owners, as evidenced by a set of strict rules. They require their owners to wake up on time to fill their food bowl, share all human food except vegetables, and never come home smelling of other dogs. Chihuahuas also expect their owners to let them in and out of the house at their whim, allow them to sleep anywhere they please, and surrender any items that fall on the floor. Additionally, cuddling is mandatory at least five times a day while praising their cuteness, and one pair of stinky shoes must be left out for chewing every day. Lastly, Chihuahuas are not to be dressed up and water torture is strictly prohibited. Above all, Chihuahuas demand constant companionship and the right to use any furniture they desire, even if their owner is already occupying it.

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