Heroic Canine Rescues Toddler from Impending Snake Attack

In Tennessee, a toddler named Bryson was playing in his yard when a venomous snake approached him. Luckily, his dog Shiloh jumped into action and saved him from the attack. Shiloh's heroic act has made him a local hero. In other heartwarming dog videos, a Golden Retriever reacts joyfully to the news of a new baby brother, twin babies can't stop giggling at their Pomeranian friend, and a baby can't stop talking to her doggy best friend. A cranky Rottweiler doesn't like having his claws trimmed, and a clingy Pit Bull copies everything his parents do. Baby goats mistake a Golden Retriever for their mother, while a Great Dane pouts until he gets his morning hug. Another Great Dane takes a nap on a trampoline, and an impatient dog honks the horn to get his owner's attention.

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