The Couple Rescued The Cat And Handed It Over To The Rescuers But they Couldn’t Get The Image Out Of Their Minds

A couple in Washington found an abandoned baby kitten on the street and enlisted support for its round-the-clock bottle feeding. The kitten, named Petunia or Tuna, grew up to be a chatty and cuddly cat who loved to sit on laps and watch her owners do housework. She also made friends with the family's nanny cat Ari and a new playmate named Klozi. Tuna breezed through the transition to solid food and continued to receive warm hugs from her humans. The couple who found Tuna fell in love with her and adopted her, while Klozi was also adopted by a loving family.

Susie H., a Humane Rescue Alliance volunteer who helped care for Tuna and Klozi, expressed happiness that she was able to give her time and love to these kittens at such an important stage in their life journey.

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