Dog Alerts Store Owners That He Doesn’t Belong To Couple He Came In With And Has Been Dognapped!

Vango, a five-month-old Australian shepherd, was allegedly stolen from his home in Buckingham, Que. and taken to a pet store by a couple claiming to have found him in the woods. However, Vango's barking and unusual behavior led to staff members at the pet store becoming suspicious of the couple. After checking social media for instances of stolen dogs, a coworker found a photo of Vango and informed staff member and dog trainer, Yves Jodoin, who had previously trained the puppy.

Jodoin urged the couple to surrender the animal and contacted Vango's owner, Josée Francoeur. Francoeur filed a police report and has set an appointment to get Vango microchipped. The SPCA de L’Outaouais is using the event to encourage dog owners to microchip their pets.