Kitten Can't Walk for Weeks, Starts to See Remarkable Changes, Now Zooms and Hops Around with So Much Joy

A little kitten who was unable to walk for several weeks has now undergone remarkable changes and is filled with joy. Clarice, the small tailless kitten, was given a second chance at life when she arrived at the Odd Cat Sanctuary two months ago. She had been discovered as a stray with congenital deformities. When she was just a few weeks old, Clarice could not use her hind legs due to her deformed back legs and a condition called Manx syndrome. However, despite her size, Clarice showed incredible determination to move and play like other cats. She would fearlessly wrestle with toys that were much bigger than her and refused to let anything deter her. From the moment Clarice came into the care of her foster mom, her fighting spirit was evident.

Her foster mom was dedicated to helping her build strength through water and physical therapy. She worked diligently every day to strengthen Clarice's hind legs with the hope that she would eventually be able to use them. Slowly but surely, progress was made. Clarice began using her back legs with more energy and intensity, and she became strong enough to bunny-kick her toys. There came a point when she gathered enough strength to stand on all fours and attempt to walk. Even when she stumbled, Clarice immediately bounced back and tried again. She learned how to balance and took careful steps to push herself forward. Each step she took motivated her to keep going. Through physical therapy, Clarice made significant progress and started to use her legs to stand and walk. Now, she is able to run and hop around like a normal kitten. With her steadiness and strength, Clarice enjoys playing with other cats in the house, often trying to entice them to chase her. When she tires herself out, she finds comfort by snuggling up to her feline friends or falling asleep next to them. Clarice has a great fondness for toys and has even learned to climb a ramp and onto the lower level of her cat tree. Despite being the smallest member of her foster home at just 14 weeks old and weighing less than two pounds, Clarice has a fearless spirit.

The veterinarians predict that she will remain a "forever kitten." She has a deep affection for the resident dogs and considers them equals. Despite their larger size, she enjoys running around with them and taking naps on their dog beds. Although Clarice requires assistance with her bathroom routine a few times a day, she doesn't let that hinder her zest for life. She sees herself as no different from others and is full of fearlessness and love for everyone she encounters. As she grows, it is likely that she will benefit from wearing small diapers for cleanliness. Clarice is a social butterfly who adores the company of people, dogs, and other cats. She has a tremendous personality packed into her tiny, bunny-hopping kitten body, and she deserves a loving forever home. The Odd Cat Sanctuary is currently looking for the perfect home for Clarice. Share her story with your friends and check out the Odd Cat Sanctuary on Instagram and Facebook

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