Community Cat Living in a Garden Decides to Give Indoor Life a Try, Soon After She Has Kittens Under Cat Tree

A scrawny feral cat named Penny was spotted in a family's backyard, and they suspected she might be pregnant. They contacted their local animal rescue, and Anne from @katzoektthuis took her in. Penny was brought indoors for the first time in her life, and despite being wary of people, she chose to have her kittens under a cat tree. She had four healthy kittens who grew bigger and stronger by the day. While Penny remained protective of her precious ones, the kittens became adventurous and bonded with their foster mom. Penny still preferred to keep her distance from people, so the rescue will find a suitable home for her. The kittens are growing up fast, learning feline skills, and enjoying their favorite piece of cat furniture with their mother.

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