Family Woke up to Quite a SurpriseKitten! Born with Two Faces Finds Loving Family to Help Him Thrive

It is heartwarming to hear about the King family and their dedication to caring for cats who have made their way to their barn. Biscuits, the kitten with two faces, was born with a rare congenital condition called diprosopus or Janus Cat syndrome. While cats with this condition face challenges, Biscuits has shown a strong will to live and is being provided with round-the-clock care by Kyla and her family. Feeding Biscuits is a bit tricky due to his cleft palates, but Kyla has come up with a technique to ensure he gets enough nutrients. The King family has also given him a faux mama to snuggle with, and they are providing him with lots of love and attention to help him thrive. It remains to be seen how long Biscuits will live, but for now, he is a lively and cuddly kitten who is fighting hard to overcome the odds.