John Stamos 'Hated' 'Full House' at First When Jodie Sweetin Stole Show

John Stamos, known for his role as Uncle Jesse in the sitcom Full House, recently revealed that he almost left the show due to feelingstaged by a child actor. In an interview promoting his upcoming memoir, Stamos discussed how Full House was initially pitched to him as a show similar to Bosom Budd but with kids. However, during a table read, he was taken ab when Jodie Sweetin, who played Stephanie Tanner, received uproarious laughter and praise for her performance. Feeling overshadowed, Stamos immediately wanted to quit the show and even asked his agent to get him off it.

Stamos had previously expressed his lack of interest in Full House from the beginning. Besides the table read incident, he also struggled with working alongside Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who portrayed Michelle Tanner. At one point, he even tried to have the twins fired but later realized their talent and importance to the series.

Despite his initial reservations, Stamos's decision to stay on Full House proved to a wise one. The role of Uncle Jesse propelled him to mainstream popularity, and even after decades, it remains his most recognizable character.amos brought a perfect blend of angst and charisma to the role, and his natural ability to connect with children resulted in memorable scenes with both Michelle and Stephanie.

While Bob Saget's character, Danny Tanner, was considered the father figure of the show's three kids, many argue that Stamos's Uncle Jesse was the true lead. His character underwent significant growth, transitioning from a carefree rocker to a devoted family man. However, Stamos has stated that he would not reprise the role if another Full House spin-off were to happen, as he feels it wouldn't be the same without Saget.

In conclusion, John Stamos initially contemplated leaving Full House due to feeling overshadowed by a child actor. However, he ultimately stayed on the show, which proved to be a career-defining role for him. Uncle Jesse became an iconic character, and Stamos's portrayal left a lasting impact on the series and its fans.

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