Family adopts oldest cat in shelter for 101 year old grandmother in search of older companion

Older animals are often recommended for adoption as they are easier to care for and have already been trained. Unfortunately, many people still choose younger animals, leaving older ones to spend a lot of time in shelters. However, one special event occurred recently involving the oldest cat in an animal shelter located in North Carolina, United States. Despite his age, 19-year-old Gus stole everyone's heart from the moment he arrived at the shelter. Luckily, Gus was adopted by a 101-year-old grandmother named Penny who was looking for an older companion. When they met, they knew Gus was the one to fill this beautiful place in the family. Instantly, Gus and Penny clicked and formed a beautiful relationship. Now, the adorable cat has found his new home and is very happy, spending his time watching the squirrels through the window.

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