Boyfriend Subjects Dogs to Euthanasia Due to Relationship Woes

A heartbreaking story has emerged out of Indiana, where a man brought his two senior dogs to the vet to be euthanized. The dogs, Cosmo and Sam, were happy and healthy and had been living with the man for 10 years. However, the man decided to abandon them when he moved in with his girlfriend, who was allergic to the dogs. Instead of surrendering them to a shelter, he opted for the convenience of euthanizing them.

Luckily, the vet and staff refused to go through with the euthanasia. They reached out to Begin Again Rescue, who took the dogs in and put them up for adoption. However, finding a forever home for the bonded senior pair proved to be a challenge. Nevertheless, the Peoples Animal Welfare Society in Tinley Park, Illinois stepped up and decided to take in Cosmo and Sam.

Eric and Tiffany Dybas, a couple who had recently lost their own dog, came across Cosmo and Sam's story and instantly fell in love with them. They decided to adopt the senior dogs, who are now living a happy life in their new home. They sleep in bed each night with their new parents and have a large yard to play in.

Convenience euthanasia requests have fortunately been declining over the years as more people start to see their pets as family members rather than mere property. Veterinarian Dr. Matt Cantrell notes that reasons given for this type of euthanasia include moving, getting new furniture, shedding, divorce, job loss, property damage, or simply not wanting the responsibilities that come with pet ownership.

Dr. Cantrell also highlights that many vets now intervene and contact rescues or shelters to take in unwanted pets. It is crucial for pet owners who can no longer care for their animals to reach out to local shelters or rescues instead of opting for convenience euthanasia. Every animal deserves to find a loving home.

This story serves as a reminder of the unconditional love and loyalty that dogs bring into our lives. They teach us valuable lessons about compassion and leaving no one behind. While some humans may abandon or euthanize their pets for convenience, it is heartwarming to see that there are still compassionate people and organizations committed to providing these animals with the love, care, and forever homes they deserve.

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