Special Needs Cat with ‘Sad Face’ Shows World That Being Different Is Beautiful!!!

Toby is a special needs cat with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which causes his skin to appear wrinkled and droopy. Georgina and Christopher adopted Toby and his brother Quinton from the RSPCA in 2018 as a bonded pair. Though Toby and Quinton were initially very timid, they grew braver over time thanks to Georgina and Christopher's love and patience. Toby's delicate skin requires him to be treated gently, and Quinton was always careful when playing with him. Sadly, Quinton passed away in 2020 from cancer, but the family adopted a new cat, Leo, in his honor. Georgina and Christopher hope that sharing their story will inspire others to adopt special needs cats, who are just as worthy of love and have their own amazing personalities.

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