Finally!The Puppy With a Tumor on His Head Like a Unicorn Almost Died Now Has a Wonderful New Home.

A Dog Who Was Nearly Euthanized for Having a Lump on Her Head Like a Unicorn Almost Died. Now, This "Unicorn" Pup Has a Great New Life After Getting a Second Chance. Last year, the Labelle Foundation rescued Strawberry, a sweet pittie girl in terrible shape. She had two large lumps on her head, mange, and infected skin. Fortunately, tests revealed the lumps were non-life-threatening scar tissue. Unable to remove them due to risks, the foundation sought a family who would love Strawberry as she is. Kristen Kuhlman and her family fell in love with the unique dog and adopted her. Strawberry has blossomed into an affectionate and cherished part of their family. She is now living a wonderful life, embraced for her uniqueness. It's an incredible story of resilience and love. 🦄❤️

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