Meet the Simpsons: Animated Cats and Kittens from One Home, What Lovely Cats!

A foster mom in Manitoba recently had an experience that felt like a Simpsons marathon when she took in a dozen kittens and cats, all named after characters from the animated show. The first group of rescues were all black and white, resembling bold pen strokes. Surprisingly, they all came from the same home. The following day, another six adorable kittens arrived from the same place, like a continuation of The Simpsons saga. It's astonishing to think that almost twenty-four kittens and cats were living together under one roof! With the exception of two, they all looked exactly alike, black and white in color. They were cohabitating peacefully until a tragic incident occurred, resulting in the death of one cat due to an attack by a dog.

This forced the family to give up the remaining cats and their kittens. Thankfully, all of them were in good health and were generally happy. The initial group of Simpsons arrivals consisted of black and white tuxedo kittens, inheriting their father's dominant genes. The kittens were named Homer, Snowball, Maggie, Lisa, Santa's Little Helper, Bart, and Milhouse.

Additionally, five adult black and white cats joined the group. One of them was the mother of the kittens, while the others were their aunties named Marge, Patty, Selma, Sherri, and Terri. Foster mom Laura G. was fascinated by how all these cats not only looked the same but also had similar personalities. They were playful, cuddly, and full of adventure. Laura shared her observation, saying, "The genetics in this crew are visibly strong, but in addition to them all looking alike, they all act alike too – they are playful, cuddly and adventurous as can be." The second wave of Simpsons arrivals included kittens named Doris, Willie, Chalmers, Skinner, Otto, and their mother, Hoover. Once they were vaccinated and dewormed, a group photo was taken. Laura G. humorously mentioned how the kittens seemed to hold a grudge after the procedure, as they ran to the farthest corner of the room and sulked instead of climbing into her lap like usual. Out of the second group, Willie was the only orange kitten, while Mama Hoover was a beautiful grey and cream tortoiseshell. The foster home was now filled with adorable Simpsons characters, but capturing them all in one picture proved to be challenging due to their animated and playful nature.

After a month, all twenty-three cats and kittens went to Grateful Friends Animal Rescue to find forever homes. Regardless of their location, they continued to have a great time and spread joy. Meanwhile, the mothers, aunties, and uncles of the kittens were doing well after being spayed and neutered. It's important to note that adult cats like Marge and her sisters, Sherri, Terri, Selma, and Patty, often have a longer wait for adoption and may still be looking for a home in the Manitoba area. 

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