Rogue Opossum Rushes the Field at a College Football Game — And Refuses to Leave

Texas Tech's football game against Texas Christian University got rowdier than usual on Thursday night.

The game, which took place at Jones AT&T Stadium in Lubbock, Texas, took an unexpected turn after the first quarter when an opossum scampered onto the field, according to .

Footage of the event has since gone viral, largely due to the opossum's reaction of being chased off the field. After dodging animal control, the marsupial was eventually dragged away by animal control with a catch pole.

The video of the opossum encounter has since gone viral on X. "HE PAID FOR HIS TICKET LIKE EVERYONE ELSE WHY ARE YOU REMOVING HIM," a user on the platform jokingly in response to one of the videos.

Some speculate the opossum brought Texas Tech good luck, per , as the university won 35 to 28.

Photographer Annie Rice confirmed in a on X tweet that after being detained, the creature was able to meet none other than Texas Tech's president, Lawrence Schovanec, who was photographed petting the opossum.

"Ok y’all: A possum ran on to the field during the Texas Tech-TCU game, was detained by Animal Control AND had a pet from Tech president Lawrence Schovanec," Rice wrote on X.

This isn't the first time a rogue animal has interrupted a football game. In 2019, a black cat garnered social media fame after at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

After escaping field officials, the feline darted into the crowd before running right back onto the field and making a quick exit through one of the tunnels.

"He’s walking to the three, he’s at the two… and the cat runs into the endzone!” Kevin Harlan on Westwood One radio at the time. “That is a touchdown! The cat is elusive!”

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