Angry Kitzia Cat Storms Internet With Adorable Scowl

Meet Kitzia, the cat with a permanent scowl on her face. With her grouchy expression and jutting chin, she has earned the nicknames "Angry Cat" and "Grumpy Kitzia". However, despite her appearance, Kitzia insists that she is not always angry and is actually very friendly. Her owner, Viktoriia Otdielnova, confirms that Kitzia is sweet and loving, even though she sometimes acts like a "grumpy grandma".

Viktoriia, a photographer from Orlando, FL, has always had a passion for photography. She finds joy in creating memories that last forever and sees it as an endless source of energy. This passion extends to her adorable cat, Kitzia, who has become an internet sensation. Kitzia's Instagram page has gained a following of 67.5k fans, who are captivated by her unique appearance and range of cat emotions.

Let's take a closer look at Kitzia's angry face as she expresses various emotions. In one photo, she wears a happy expression, showing off her cute side. In another, she poses like a queen, demanding attention and reminding her owner who's in charge. Curiosity also looks cute on Kitzia as she hunts a red dot, wondering what it wants from her. When she's truly angry, her mouth turns into a quirk, her ears flick back, and her brows furrow together tightly. There is no mistaking her ire in these moments.

One particularly hilarious photo captures Kitzia's look of betrayal after her owner pets another animal. Kitzia gives her owner a disdainful glare, as if to say, "Don't even touch me, betrayer".

While cats can be a little creepy with their intense stares, they never fail to be cute. Even when they seem to whisper, "I am watching you", cat lovers can't help but find them endearing.

When Kitzia is hungry, she becomes downright predatory, showcasing her natural instincts. But once her tummy is full from a tasty treat, she reverts back to her grumpy but lovable self, unconcerned with the mess she leaves behind.

Kitzia wants to express her gratitude to all her fans, promising to continue making them smile through her adorable and relatable expressions. She and her owner appreciate every single one of their followers.

In conclusion, while Kitzia may have a perpetually grumpy expression, she is far from being an angry cat. She is sweet, friendly, and has a range of emotions that she expresses through her unique appearance. Thanks to her owner's photography skills, Kitzia has gained internet fame and a large following of fans who can't get enough of her precious expressions.

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