Woman Saves Stray Maine coon with Unique Eye, the Kitty Makes Her Store Her Home, Now 2 Years Later...

A kind woman saved a scrawny stray cat with a unique eye and gave her a home. The kitty has been helping her run her store ever since.

Meet Stella the store kitty!

Stella's eyes are quite unique due to a condition called heterochromia iridum. She's a healthy fluffy kitty, who can see just fine.

"I believe she's a Maine Coon and Persian mix, since Persians have copper eyes like that. The eye functions perfectly and close to the iris you can see speckles of the natural green peeking through," reddit user Tory_Rox told

Love Meow.

The tabby cat was found covered in burrs about two years ago at the foot of the escarpment rummaging through garbage, looking for some food scraps. Her fur was matted and she was just skin and bones.

Kat Von G couldn't leave her out there so took her into her shop, fed her and cleaned her up. For the first time, the kitty felt safe and loved. The next thing they knew the kitty decided that she would return the favor by helping her human run the store.

"Everyone (including myself) always assumes she's blind in that eye, but it's just a mismatched coloration," Tory_Rox told Love Meow.

"She doesn't have a meow so much as a squack. She follows me around all day yelling at me, I call her my supervisor," Tory_Rox said.

Stella lounging about while supervising the humans.

"A lot of people stop by the shop every day just to say hello to Stella."

Stella greets customers as they walk into the store.

Not only did Stella find a forever home, but she is the boss of the store and greets people everyday, bringing them smiles and happy purrs.

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