Blind Kitten Found Crying Alone in Cage Saved from Being Euthanized Just in Time

Meet our sponsored kitten of the month, Penny!

Penny was saved saved at the last minute from being euthanized in a kill shelter.

Sarah Richardson, a critical care cat rescuer for , had visited the kill shelter hoping to pull 4 kittens that were scheduled to be euthanized that day.

They all had severe upper respiratory infections that left them suffering.

Sarah successfully pulled the 4 kittens she was there to rescue, but something else caught her eye…

Alone in a cage was a long-haired black kitten with both of its eyes crusted shut.

Sarah called Stephanie, the founder of Community Cats, and said, “There’s a kitten here crying all by itself. Both of her eyes are closed and I can feel every bone in her body.”

Stephanie was a maximum capacity with several critical care kittens in her care, but as soon as she saw a picture of Penny, she knew she had to do something.

“I told Sarah to bring me that baby right away,” Stephanie recalled.

Poor Penny was dehydrated and starving.

She couldn’t see her food, much less smell it because of her infection.

All she could do was cry in confusion.

Even crying was painful for little Penny because of all the fluid in her lungs.

Though the rescuers initially set out to save 4 kittens, they ended up bringing home 9 kittens on that fateful day.

Penny was finally safe in good hands, but her journey was far from over.

Stephanie wasted no time getting to work.

All of the kittens had upper respiratory infections, but poor Penny had it the worst.

Penny and her siblings were immediately given IV fluids, antibiotics, and vitamin B12.

Since they couldn’t see or smell, Stephanie had to hand feed them for several days until they regained their sense of smell.

Even cleaning the gunk from Penny’s eyes came with big risks.

Stephanie continues to be incredibly cautious about preventing further damage when treating Penny’s eyes.

The vet confirmed that Penny requires surgery to close one of her eye sockets.

They’re still uncertain about what will happen to her other eye– only time will tell.

For the time being, Penny will need to gain weight in order to be healthy enough for surgery.

There’s a strong possibility she will need more than one eye surgery.

Stephanie continues to provide constant care for Penny until she’s ready for surgery.

However, one thing is certain: Penny is a fighter.

It’s clear she has a strong will to live.

Stephanie is determined to see Penny live a fulfilling life regardless of what will happen to her eyes.

is a small non-profit rescue organization led by Sarah and Stephanie.

They rely on donations from kind-hearted individuals to continue saving cats & kittens that have suffered from neglect, abuse, or abandonment.

If you’d like to help with Pennys surgery expenses and long-term care, please donate through our .

By donating $10, you’ll be mailed a progress picture and personalized letter with heartwarming updates on how your donation changed Penny’s life.

Please consider making a recurring donation to receive Meow Mail each month for future cats and kittens in critical condition.

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