Rescued from Desolation: A Feeble 5-Week-Old Kitten Emerges from Warehouse's Clutches

A starving and dehydrated kitten named Ghoul was found in a warehouse container and taken to Anderson Humane. At just 5 weeks old and half his ideal weight, Ghoul is being treated with fluids and eye medication. Despite his difficult start, Ghoul has shown a big personality and fighting spirit. He has received support from the Marigold Kitten Crew and TikiPets, who provided food and medications. Ghoul's condition is improving, with his eyes looking better, although he is still struggling with hydration and constipation. However, he is now more energetic and has found his voice, favorite food, and even purrs. Ghoul is being cared for at the shelter while his caretaker is away.

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