Beautiful. Just as loving and loyal as a dog! Man rescues badly injured fox and it becomes his new best friend

In Turnbridge Wells, England, a man named Mike Trowler had an extraordinary encounter with a wild fox that would change both their lives. The Fox Project, an organization dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating foxes, came across a severely injured fox they named Cropper. With no possibility of returning him to the wild due to his condition, the organization faced a difficult choice - euthanasia or finding a home for Cropper.

Fortunately, Mike Trowler stepped forward and offered to take Cropper in. A retired engineer with a fascination for foxes, Mike had always been passionate about helping these animals. He gladly welcomed Cropper into his home and treated him like family. Despite the challenges of owning a wild animal, Mike's love for foxes made it a natural choice for him.

Under Mike's care, Cropper received the attention and medical assistance he desperately needed. Mike nursed him back to health, providing food, shelter, and companionship. Cropper adapted well to his new environment, even enjoying the company of Mike's cats. They went on walks together, basking in the beauty of the outdoors. Most importantly, Mike showered Cropper with love and affection, offering belly rubs that the fox adored.

After six years of joyous moments, Cropper sadly passed away while still under Mike's care. Yet, this loss did not deter Mike from continuing his mission of providing a home for foxes in need. He later adopted another rescued fox named Jack, furthering his dedication to these animals.

Despite his own experiences, Mike cautions the public against keeping foxes as pets. He acknowledges that Cropper and Jack are exceptions due to their inability to survive in the wild. Mike emphasizes that owning a pet fox comes with responsibilities and risks, and it should not be undertaken lightly. However, when there is no other alternative, providing a loving home for these animals can be a life-saving act.

Mike's story is a testament to the deep bond that can form between humans and animals, even when they are not traditional pets. His compassion for Cropper and Jack allowed them to find happiness and love in an unlikely friendship. And while he mourns the loss of his beloved foxes, Mike's heart remains open to giving other foxes in need a chance at a better life.

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