Laughter as Chihuahua Refuses to Eat Dinner Unless It’s Made ‘Human Style’

A video of a Chihuahua named Bailey refusing to eat her food unless it's prepared "human style" has gone viral on TikTok. The video shows Bailey turning her nose up at her dinner until her owner pretends to warm it up in the microwave. Louis DelGiudice, national emergency specialty director at AmeriVet Veterinary Partners in Texas, explains that dogs can develop "food rituals" and train their owners to give them better options. However, sudden loss of appetite can be a sign of ill health or anxiety, and pets may also simply not like certain brands or flavors of food. A recent study by dog-food brand Jinx found that 49% of dog owners regularly struggle to get their pets to eat, with many adding extra food or swapping to tastier brands.

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