Canine Walks 37 Miles Dwelling After Homeowners Overlook It At Service Station!

A determined Chinese dog, named Dou Dou, walked 37 miles in 26 days to find its owners who had accidentally left it at a station. The family from Hangzhou drove to visit relatives in the countryside and brought Dou Dou along. They stopped at a station but assumed Dou Dou stayed in the car while they handled their young child.

However, they later realized Dou Dou was missing and returned to the station but couldn't find it. Dou Dou, determined to reunite with its family, walked for 26 days and arrived at their doorstep as a "dirty, gaunt stray dog". Animal experts praised Dou Dou's impressive ability to find its way home against all odds. However, they also warned pet owners to watch their pets while traveling or outside.